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LivEye is a mobile innovative surveillance technology. With our product range we offer you optimal solutions to oversee and check extensive areas. Due to our movement analysis software, LivEye is able to recognise whether it is a wild animal or a person who is moving on the premises.

Our Range of Services

  • Extensive surveillance of building sites, commercial premises, events etc.
  • Transfer to the 24/ 7 Control Centre
  • In the case of an emergency the controlled deployment of security personnel or the police
  • Video analysis in real time so that false alarms are reduced to a minimum
  • An up to 4 weeks retrospective review evaluation
  • Application in areas which are difficult to access
  • Fast relocation if required

You will save money with our innovative surveillance technology.

Up to 70% in comparison with conventional site security

How does LivEye surveillance system function?

LivEye Überwachungstechnik Funktion


Continuous all around surveillance

The premises are observed by LivEye cameras. In day light the cameras use the available light and as soon as darkness sets in, the night vision modus is switched on automatically. All alarms are registered and documented.


Intelligent Analysis

The video pictures are continuously analysed by the LivEye video analysis software. The intelligent parameters recognise humans, cars and the building in the video pictures. Animals can be distinguished from humans. This prevents a false alarm caused by animals or swaying plants.


Alerting the control centre

Should an unauthorized person or a vehicle enter the area under surveillance, the control centre, which is manned around the clock, is alerted at once. Depending on the customer’s preference, it is either a silent alarm or a loud signal up to 113db.


Immediate Intervention

The well-trained personnel can look at archive pictures and assess the situation. If it is an unauthorized person, the control centre can interact with the person per microphone announcement. Following this, as a further measure, depending on the customer’s instructions, our security personnel can inform the police.

CAO Überwachungstechnik

Product Range

LivEye Produktportfolio

You can find the LivEye product range here.

Product Range

Fields of application

The innovative surveillance technology of our CAO systems is variously deployable. For example, building site surveillance, car park surveillance, rail track, roadworks, bridgebuilding or a festival premises. You can find numerous areas of applications here.

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